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Destiny Travel Costa Rica

Is a family travel business based in San Jose, Costa Rica. We started as a customizer of vacations back in 2001. Destiny Travel Costa Rica is a national capital company whose purpose is to promote and provide the best tour service in Costa Rica exceeding the satisfaction of all our customers with high standards of quality in service, safety and comfort and a firm commitment to sustainable development and social responsibility.

We maintain our focus on dynamically customizing multi-destination vacation itineraries. Our agents, trip building make it easy to plan flexible complex trips. Our long-term productive relationships with restaurants, suppliers, hotels and partners at each destination allow us to provide our services reliably and at a compelling value to you.

We have built suggested itineraries which you can price and customize according to your budget and how much time you want to spend in each destination. We accurate and recommend hotels, transportation and activities in each stop of your itinerary. If you can't find the exact itinerary you want from our suggested itineraries you can tell our agents to build your own itinerary in a fast way. Our agents are also available 24/7 to help craft your vacation.

Our mission is to delight our customers such that they become repeat customers and enthusiastically recommend us to friends and family. The better we accomplish this mission, the more resources we have to improve the lives of our workers and those in need.



A comfortable trip translates into satisfied customers; therefore, our staff is carefully selected. Both our guides and administrative staff are people of values, who strive to take care of every detail in the performance of their work and commitment to offer timely, personalized and agile options.



In Destiny Travel we invest everything necessary to meet the expectations of our customers, our goal is to ensure that all visitors say goodbye satisfied and wanting to return in a new opportunity. Let nature nourish your senses!

  • We believe that improving our product and service is an endless process.
  • We are honest to our customers, employees and suppliers.
  • We believe business has a higher purpose than the bottom line.
  • We invest the fruits of our success to continuously enhance the lives of our workers. The more we succeed the more their lives improve.
  • We give back to the world by investing in child education in places of need. The better we do the more good we do.
Destiny Travel


To provide our clientele with unique, innovative, nature oriented and ecologically responsible travel programs that will bring together the best components of Costa Rica.

For more than 18 years Destiny Travel Costa Rica has committed to provide unique and innovative travel services at a great value. Our vast experience working with people has taught us that each person is unique and therefore expects different services. We offer a large variety of travel packages for family vacations, romantic getaways, nature lovers, pure adrenaline as well as tailor made itineraries. In all of our programs we combine the best ingredients of Costa Rica with customer’s special requirements.

Unique and innovative services

We believe that no matter how great a place is, only an experienced travel expert can help you discover its unique and amazing qualities. Destiny Travel Costa Rica’s team of specialists works with great passion, discipline and knowledge not only to show you the best of Costa Rica, but to allow you to feel it with all your senses

A team of experts

Our priority is to assure our customers an 100% safe and comfortable trip. Therefore, we continuously invest in new fleets of Toyota and Mercedes Benz vans which are given daily maintenance. All of our drivers are experts of the Costa Rican roads and practice strictly secure driving.

First Class Transportation

We give great significance to every little detail of your trip, as we believe they are the ones that create superb memorable moments that last for lifetime.

Initial briefing by one of our staff members, meticulous maps and driving guides of Costa Rica, welcome kit with the most complete information of your hotel, tours and travel services and 24-hour assistance are some of the extra benefits of our value added service.

Little things that mean a lot!

We only feature hotels and lodges that we have stayed in and we believe to be the best in their area, always looking for value, character, and good service. In some of the secluded and undeveloped regions, the obvious trappings of comfort may not be immediately apparent, but something special is everywhere: a unique style, a remarkable setting, wholesome comforts, and a dedication to protect their natural setting and to please every guest.


Destiny Travel Costa Rica has established long lasting relations with different wholesaler travel companies around the world. The key factors in our stable business partnerships rely basically in our fluid communication, expertise and efficiency

Our wholesalers


Vacation packages

Destiny Travel Costa Rica has put together a collection of unique packages that will make your client´s visit to Costa Rica an unforgettable experience.

We have combined a variety of travel experiences in each and every package- nature, adventure, family, honeymoon, special interests, such as birdwatching, self drive programs and extensions to Panama and Nicaragua.

Every package has been carefully designed and selected to meet our high standards of
quality, value, and character.

If you want a tailor-made itinerary, our travel consultants can help you plan an exciting trip that meets your particular needs, interests and budget.

Note: Round trips also include an initial briefing visit by one of our staff members, who will be pleased to answer questions and provide important logistical information about the trip. 

Costa Rica Sustainable Tourism

Destiny Travel Costa Rica participates in Sustainable Tourism Policies and follows environmental guidelines and programs to protect our environment.

Happy Travels!

The Destiny Travel Team

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